Monday, February 5, 2007

The Afro Beat

The Afro Beat is a new movement, a fresh heartbeat, a racing pulse.

It is a club/ forum/ virtual gathering place for individuals of Nigerian heritage or association, who share the collective ambition to see their country move forward.

The Afro Beat is centered on the following:

  • The mutual and collective enlightenment of ourselves by discussion of our country’s plight,

  • The development of a sense of accountability to one’s peers,

  • The implementation of a series of realistic projects for the benefit of every Nigerian, and

  • The ultimate objective of improving the situation in Nigeria, one step at a time, and one day at a time.

    How The Afro Beat will be kept going:

    This idea was birthed by Misan and Tokini, but it is not “our” club alone. We’re offering ourselves up as mere facilitators. We desire the contribution of everyone who wants to learn more about their country, its past, and most importantly, about effective methods to contribute to its future. We’ve noticed a growing interest amongst our peers, in the injustices currently plaguing Nigeria, and simply wanted to provide a way for us to group together to share ideas on how to move the nation forward, and to have fun at the same time.

    We intend to start with the simplest things.

    First, we’ll begin by publishing articles on this blog, written by Nigerians and others, about Nigeria, that we hope you’ll be interested in. We’ll also publish articles by The Afro Beat’s members, to provoke discussion and commentary. We’re open to receiving anything you find on the world wide web or elsewhere, or that you yourself write, that you want to share with The Afro Beat’s members, and which you feel will be for their benefit. We hope to provide a worthwhile learning experience for us all, about our country.

    We’ll also be opening up discussion about the projects we would like The Afro Beat to be known for. We have several exciting ideas which we hope you’ll see potential in, and which we know would benefit immensely from your contribution and participation.

    Our address is:

    “Every sector of society has been left to fend for itself”
    - an observation about Nigeria by the Vanity Fair columnist, Sebastian Junger, in his article on the Niger-Delta entitled “Blood Oil”.

    If The Afro Beat works as we hope it will, no journalist will ever be able to make such a sweeping statement about Nigeria again.

    Derin said...

    once again thnks for the initiative...

    Bitchy said...

    pas de probleme mon cheri. Like I said, if we hadn't done it, it would only have been a matter of time before someone else did xxxx

    HoneyBeeInDC said...

    This is a GREAT idea. However, I always feel guilty complaining and arguing about the Nigerian situation, and yet feeling very powerless at the same time as many issues seem too daunting to even begin to tackle. Hopefully, there will be a lot of constructive solutions offered by members in this forum that can actually be implemented. But I'm happy you guys put this together as I will be the first to shamefully admit that my knowledge of Nigerian history is very, um, limited and I'm excited (yes, I'm a dork!)about educating myself.

    Bitchy said...

    Hi Emine! Yaay you're here! Don't worry at all about how much you do/don't know. I got all fired up recently because I only just found out a whole load of things about Nigeria that tons of people had known for ages. Really hope you find all the stuff fun and useful at the same time. The issues definitely do seem daunting, but we're prepared to do something even if it improves the situation of only one Nigerian. At the end of the day, its better than nothing xxx

    TheAfroBeat said...

    Hey Eminelly! Thanks for joining oh! The Afro Beat was born out of the same frustration of being tired of complaining and feeling too young to do sth. Till we woke up and realised that we were in our 20s, weren't going to get much more able-bodied and creative to do something than now. SO voila. this (with your help) will not be a come-and-vent forum (we can have that on the fone anytime you pls...hehe), it will be a place to feed our brains, equip ourselves with the knowledge and ideas we need to effect the change we so crave. I realized it's all well and good to want to do something, but you need to be educated on the issues you want to address, and this is that first step for us. The more we learn, the more we can do. So let the games begin...and as Seyi so nicely put it: the revolution WILL be televised (now, is that Common, Public Enemy, or does it date back to way before our time...i'm off to find out).

    o.n.a said...

    By joining this forum and reading as well as contributing I believe we are all in our own little way contributing to making Nigeria a better place.

    I believe educating ourselves as well as each other will only encourage us to rub off our knowledge on others...the adage goes, 'knowledge is power'

    I've always tried to delve into political discussion about Nigeria on other blogs, but no one ever seems interested or bothered. Hence, I'm glad I've been fortunate enough to find a few like-minded...

    Nicely Done!!!

    Dammie said...

    Hello Tokini and Misan,

    I am indeed very impressed you both have decided to start a revolution instead of bitching, I hope people are able to understand where you both are trying to take this, and how we can all work together to potray Nigeria in a brighter light!!

    XxMy best wishesxX

    Unknown said...

    Does this blog use the GMT Time Zone?

    Unknown said...

    A place to feed our brains and represent Nigeria??? Where do I sign? This is a very good idea folks keep up the good work.

    Bitchy said...

    Thanks Ayo! Send us an email - - if you'd like to be on the mailing list. Or just keep coming back, if you like what you see. Xxx

    ? said...

    Excellent work guys. Cool joint.

    Anonymous said...


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