Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Looks promising. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD...

+234 Magazine is a branding tool for the country, and is hereby calling for submission of articles, short stories, expose', interviews, reviews, photographs, memoirs, cartoons, poems, and features, for its maiden publication soon.

We are looking for submissions with a strong bias for Nigeria, showing a Frenzy outburst of patriotism and works that will speak for the country in turn.

To promote and redefine Nigeria as a positive brand.

By 2011, Nigeria and her brand 'Heart of Africa' will be thriving uniquely as an acceptable and advanced nation.

-To promote Nigeria as a positive brand, hence, ensuring a positive image for the country.
-Re-brand our image in a very handy medium.
-Promote positive and alluring perceptions of Nigeria, its people and values.
-Promote our people, resources, business, and all facets of Nigeria to the world

Topical works with special relevance to Nigeria.
Submissions must be objective and accurate.
Meet international writing standards; normal grammatical standards in written English: use of correct punctuations and spelling.
Must be original, relevant sources must be referenced.
Submissions should be made along with a brief biography.
Submissions should be minimum of 1500 words and maximum of over 2500 words.
Deadline for submission is 19th November 2007.
Please all submissions should me emailed to info234magazine@gmail.com
For further enquiries call +234-803-780-3142.

+234 Magazine…..redefining Nigeria!!!!



This is a great initiative. Do you know who the organizers are? Or is it Afro Beat?

Misan said...

Ha, we wish! It really is a good initiative, if they can make it spunky and interesting. Not sure who the organizers are but it was sent by a poet/author/consultant friend of the Beat who's really connected on the Naija literary scene. If you know any budding writers, do pass along!


Will do. BTW, I asked a Q in response to your comment re: tobacco suit. Check it out and clarify...

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