Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another casualty in the War Against Corruption

A pro-Etteh member of the House of Reps slumps from suspected cardiac arrest. Nothing too unusual about this heading. Very sad indeed and we pray for his family at this time. But the point here is, how did we get to this state of affairs. Why has she still not resigned? Why do we as Nigerians not have shame in our misdeeds? It's true that she stands to make so much more $$ if she's able to ride this wave of controversy and remain Speaker of the House, but has she no shame? Hasn't she looted enough already(allegedly, of course, remember "innocent till proven guilty"... but in this case, the IDOKO panel has declared her to be an "incompetent leader" )? Are there no limits to our shameless politics?

Etteh’s Sit-Tight Drama Claims Lawmaker’s Life - This Day

The crisis rocking the House of Represen-tatives over the controversial renovation contract took a tragic turn yesterday as a member from Katsina State, Dr Aminu Shuaibu Safana, slumped at the lobby of the legislative chambers and was certified dead moments later.
Safana, a pro-Speaker Patricia Etteh lawmaker and former Secretary to the Katsina State Government, was first wheeled to the National Assembly Medical Centre after he collapsed.
But when doctors at the clinic found that his case was not getting better, he was rushed to the National Hospital, Abuja where he was later certified dead.
The Chief Medical Director of the Hospital, Dr. Olusegun Ajuwon, who confirmed the death of the lawmaker, said Safana stopped breathing immediately after he was admitted.

Ajuwon said that although relatives and colleagues of the deceased lawmaker hastily took away his corpse and did not allow the conduct of an autopsy, basic investigations carried out during his brief stay at the hospital revealed that it was one of those cases of sudden deaths associated with cardiac arrest.
Safana headed the House Committee on Health (ironic, no?) until his death.




I am out of words, but can say I wish his family the best during this period of bereavement. Other than that....

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