Monday, March 5, 2007

"What is an Afropolitan?" by Taiye Tuakli-Wosornu

The writer charts the rise of the "Afropolitan" - internationally mobile, young people of African descent, making their mark on the world. In her mind, we are not citizens, but rather "Africans of the world". Having just returned from a spectacular international conference in the Middle East where I met people from countries I barely knew existed, I am refreshingly aware of how crossed and blurred boundaries between geographies and cultures have become today. Where does the young African fit in all this? What is our new Legacy? Are we too busy "defining our identify" that we forget the motherland (i know tonnes of pp hate this term but i think it's appropriate in this context) and the problems that need solving?

An excellent read on what it means to be a new-generation transnational/ transatlantic African, which I'm sure most of us can relate to....ENJOY!!


It’s moments to midnight on Thursday night at Medicine Bar in London. Zak, boy-genius DJ, is spinning a Fela Kuti remix. The little downstairs dancefloor swells with smiling, sweating men and women fusing hip-hop dance moves with a funky sort of djembe. The women show off enormous afros, tiny t-shirts, gaps in teeth; the men those incredible torsos unique to and common on African coastlines. The whole scene speaks of the Cultural Hybrid: kente cloth worn over low-waisted jeans; ‘African Lady’ over Ludacris bass lines; London meets Lagos meets Durban meets Dakar. Even the DJ is an ethnic fusion: Nigerian and Romanian; fair, fearless leader; bobbing his head as the crowd reacts to a sample of ‘Sweet Mother’.

Were you to ask any of these beautiful, brown-skinned people that basic question – ‘where are you from?’ – you’d get no single answer from a single smiling dancer. This one lives in London but was raised in Toronto and born in Accra; that one works in Lagos but grew up in Houston, Texas. ‘Home’ for this lot is many things: where their parents are from; where they go for vacation; where they went to school; where they see old friends; where they live (or live this year). Like so many African young people working and living in cities around the globe, they belong to no single geography, but feel at home in many.

They (read: we) are Afropolitans – the newest generation of African emigrants, coming soon or collected already at a law firm/chem lab/jazz lounge near you. You’ll know us by our funny blend of London fashion, New York jargon, African ethics, and academic successes. Some of us are ethnic mixes, e.g. Ghanaian and Canadian, Nigerian and Swiss; others merely cultural mutts: American accent, European affect, African ethos. Most of us are multilingual: in addition to English and a Romantic or two, we understand some indigenous tongue and speak a few urban vernaculars. There is at least one place on The African Continent to which we tie our sense of self: be it a nation-state (Ethiopia), a city (Ibadan), or an auntie’s kitchen. Then there’s the G8 city or two (or three) that we know like the backs of our hands, and the various institutions that know us for our famed focus. We are Afropolitans: not citizens, but Africans of the world.

It isn’t hard to trace our genealogy. Starting in the 60’s, the young, gifted and broke left Africa in pursuit of higher education and happiness abroad. A study conducted in 1999 estimated that between 1960 and 1975 around 27,000 highly skilled Africans left the Continent for the West. Between 1975 and 1984, the number shot to 40,000 and then doubled again by 1987, representing about 30% of Africa’s highly skilled manpower. Unsurprisingly, the most popular destinations for these emigrants included Canada, Britain, and the United States; but Cold War politics produced unlikely scholarship opportunities in Eastern Bloc countries like Poland, as well.

Some three decades later this scattered tribe of pharmacists, physicists, physicians (and the odd polygamist) has set up camp around the globe. The caricatures are familiar. The Nigerian physics professor with faux-Coogi sweater; the Kenyan marathonist with long legs and rolled r’s; the heavyset Gambian braiding hair in a house that smells of burnt Kanekalon. Even those unacquainted with synthetic extensions can conjure an image of the African immigrant with only the slightest of pop culture promptings: Eddie Murphy’s ‘Hello, Barbar.’ But somewhere between the 1988 release of Coming to America and the 2001 crowning of a Nigerian Miss World, the general image of young Africans in the West transmorphed from goofy to gorgeous. Leaving off the painful question of cultural condescenscion in that beloved film, one wonders what happened in the years between Prince Akeem and Queen Agbani?

One answer is: adolescence. The Africans that left Africa between 1960 and 1975 had children, and most overseas. Some of us were bred on African shores then shipped to the West for higher education; others born in much colder climates and sent home for cultural re-indoctrination. Either way, we spent the 80’s chasing after accolades, eating fufu at family parties, and listening to adults argue politics. By the turn of the century (the recent one), we were matching our parents in number of degrees, and/or achieving things our ‘people’ in the grand sense only dreamed of. This new demographic – dispersed across Brixton, Bethesda, Boston, Berlin – has come of age in the 21st century, redefining what it means to be African. Where our parents sought safety in traditional professions like doctoring, lawyering, banking, engineering, we are branching into fields like media, politics, music, venture capital, design. Nor are we shy about expressing our African influences (such as they are) in our work. Artists such as Keziah Jones, novelist Chimamanda Achidie – all exemplify what Trace editor, Claude Gruzintsky, calls the ‘21st century African.’

What distinguishes this lot and its like (in the West and at home) is a willingness to complicate Africa – namely, to engage with, critique, and celebrate the parts of Africa that mean most to them. Perhaps what most typifies the Afropolitan consciousness is the refusal to oversimplify; the effort to understand what is ailing in Africa alongside the desire to honor what is wonderful, unique. Rather than essentialising the geographical entity, we seek to comprehend the cultural complexity; to honor the intellectual and spiritual legacy; and to sustain our parents’ cultures.

For us, being African must mean something. The media’s portrayals (war, hunger) won’t do. Neither will the New World trope of bumbling, blue-black doctor. Most of us grew up aware of ‘being from’ a blighted place, of having last names from countries which are linked to lack, corruption. Few of us escaped those nasty ‘booty-scratcher’ epithets, and fewer still that sense of shame when visting paternal villages. Whether we were ashamed of ourselves for not knowing more about our parents’ culture, or ashamed of that culture for not being more ‘advanced’ can be unclear. What is manifest is the extent to which the modern adolescent African is tasked to forge a sense of self from wildly disparate sources. You’d never know it looking at those dapper lawyers in global firms, but most were once supremely self-conscious of being so ‘in between’. Brown-skinned without a bedrock sense of ‘blackness,’ on the one hand; and often teased by African family members for ‘acting white’ on the other – the baby-Afropolitan can get what I call ‘lost in transnation’.

Ultimately, the Afropolitan must form an identity along at least three dimensions: national, racial, cultural – with subtle tensions in between. While our parents can claim one country as home, we must define our relationship to the places we live; how British or American we are (or act) is in part a matter of affect. Often unconsciously, and over time, we choose which bits of a national identity (from passport to pronunciation) we internalize as central to our personalities. So, too, the way we see our race – whether black or biracial or none of the above – is a question of politics, rather than pigment; not all of us claim to be black. Often this relates to the way we were raised, whether proximate to other brown people (e.g. black Americans) or removed.

Then there is that deep abyss of Culture, ill-defined at best. One must decide what comprises ‘African culture’ beyond pepper soup and filial piety. The project can be utterly baffling – whether one lives in an African country or not. But the process is enriching, in that it expands one’s basic perspective on nation and selfhood. If nothing else, the Afropolitan knows that nothing is neatly black or white; that to ‘be’ anything is a matter of being sure of who you are uniquely. To ‘be’ Nigerian is to belong to a passionate nation; to be Yoruba, to be heir to a spiritual depth; to be American, to ascribe to a cultural breadth; to be British, to pass customs quickly. That is, this is what it means for me – and that is the Afropolitan privilege. The acceptance of complexity common to most African cultures is not lost on her prodigals. Without that intrinsically multi-dimensional thinking, we could not make sense of ourselves.

And if it all sounds a little self-congratulatory, a little ‘aren’t-we-the-coolest-damn-people-on-earth?’ – I say: yes it is, necessarily. It is high time the African stood up. There is nothing perfect in this formulation; for all our Adjayes and Achidies, there is a brain drain back home. Most Afropolitans could serve Africa better in Africa than at Medicine Bar on Thursdays. To be fair, a fair number of African professionals are returning; and there is consciousness among the ones who remain, an acute awareness among this brood of too-cool-for-schools that there’s work to be done. There are those among us who wonder to the point of weeping: where next, Africa? When will the scattered tribes return? When will the talent repatriate? What lifestyles await young professionals at home? How to invest in Africa’s future? The prospects can seem grim at times. The answers aren’t forthcoming. But if there was ever a group who could figure it out, it is this one, unafraid of the questions.
This is Dr Alban by the way, remember "It's my Life!"


Taiye Tuakli-Wosornu is a Nigerian-Ghanaian writer based in New York City. This article was written in 2005 for The LIP magazine.

The full article can be found at The LIP website.


rukks said...

i like this article...i think the most important aspect for me is INFLUENCING other peoples and cultures through your own cultural,racial and national identity while continuing to enjoy multiculturalism. often times, i meet friends who are quick to "forget" their cultural backgrounds, deeming it backwards, irrational barbaric or negative while wholely adopting another culture in the name of progress.

Bitchy said...

I like it too... but got a little confused by the random reference to Dr Alban at the end. Explain please...

The paragraph that talks about having to decide what role you will play, whether from a distance or up close, in the future of your African "homeland" is particularly poignant I think. I think its important for everyone our age and above to think about the way they want to go. Being in Lagos this week has made me all the more aware of the thousands of things that need to be done to bring this place up to an acceptable standard. A lot of the older generation seem to be stuck in the idea that unless you repatriate you can't give back or make a difference. But there's so much to think about when considering the move back (SAFETY for one). I hope we will be the generation to solve this great pickle (hehe...). Perhaps The Afro Beat will become one such vehicle that will guide both those staying behind and those forging into the jungle?

Kome said...

I really really like the "aren't we so cool comment"...we are often quick to downplay (or at least I am) the breath of culture and education we have received.

Primarily through travelling and growing up in so many different places, i have alot to not only be proud of, but to be grateful for. And it is that pride and sense of self that makes me more passionate and willing to go back home and make a postiive impact through discussion and work.

It's this type of idealogy that we need more of...knowing that you are a part of something that is not only good and beautiful, but has room to grow to become even bigger and better gives us all hope - something worth living and fighting for.

Like Bitchy said...I hope through the discussions on afrobeat we can find ways in which to positively impact change without getting stuck in 'old ways' through frustration or closemindedness.

Emmy said...

Funny how I gained a sense of nationalism only AFTER leaving Nigeria. You’re sort of forced to form a national, racial and cultural identity for many reasons. One reason is to avoid being put in the same box as other black immigrants and African-Americans (not that there’s anything wrong with these groups of people). National identity is easy for me – I’m Nigerian. Cultural is a bit tricky. Yes, I’m Ibibio but lived in Lagos all my life, barely speak/understand the language and sadly don’t know much about the culture. Really don’t know that much about any Nigerian culture for that matter! I was once embarrassed when a classmate, upon hearing I was Nigerian, gushed on and on about Fela while I listened quietly. After this SOUTHERN boy from GEORGIA finished, all I could awkwardly muster in response was “yes, he’s kind of a big deal, isn’t he?” I cringe now as I remember the disapproving look he gave me! Trust I went home and researched any and everything about Fela! Seriously though, why aren’t students exposed to the works of great Nigerians like Fela, Ben Okri and Wole Soyinka at the secondary school level? And even if they ARE exposed, the curriculum isn’t that in-depth. Maybe it was just the school I went to or maybe it’s just me (?). The parentals did “lecture” me about some of the great minds Nigerian has produced but I think I zoned out most of the time. Blame it on ignorance and immaturity.
I’m PROUD to be Nigerian but then again what does it really mean to be Nigerian when I cannot genuinely say I listen to and enjoy Nigerian music or appreciate naija movies; my response to the question “what dance style do you have in Nigeria?” is “um…I guess soukous/makossa…but oh wait, that’s not Nigerian…um… *BLANK*”; don’t speak a Nigerian language; my knowledge of Nigerian history is somewhat lacking etc. (I hate the phrase “colonial mindset” so please don’t label me as having I’m not proud to admit this (and probably shouldn’t be admitting it in internet space)…in fact, I’m ashamed to admit this but it’s the truth nevertheless. There really isn’t that strong sense of patriotism, at least among other Nigerians my age I know. Again, this issue of the Nigerian mentality. It saddens me when I hear about Niger Delta issues, corruption, poverty, dilapidated infrastructure, crime rates etc. but it obviously doesn’t bother me enough as despite the fact that I do want to help, I’m yet to actively do so (oh wait, I am an afrobeat member afterall…baby steps I guess :o).

*I remember Dr. Alban! “Hello Africa, tell me how you’re doing” and “Look who’s talking now” were the JAMS back in the day. LOL!*

Bolaji said...

'Afropolitan'. This issue has been on my mind recently weirdly enough. I was writing a song the other day called 'too many' and a verse of it deals with s how there are 'too many places i call home' and how it's hard to sustain relationships with people because 'the new generation of naija children/fly all around the world just to get an education' (yea i'm quoting myself). That's one of the few negatives of being able to identify with so many places that wasn't mentioned in the article.

That aside, i've always had this romanticised idea of 'afropolitans'( my new fave word) rising together and making Africa great. I believe my generation is the one to do it and i try to create a movement in whatever field i touch, try to motivate people into working together, rising together. I feel too many afropols are defining themselves in their fields singularly and not interested in a culture of community, which i think is the way forward. Byron was friends with Keats i believe; today, the directors of Babel, Pan's Labyrinth and Children of men- Innaritu, Del Toro, and Cuaron (aslo of the 3rd and BEST Harry P) are friends as well who influence each other's work and force the world to take notice.

I am all about the revival of the culture of the arts in Nigeria and i think this is something afropols can spearhead. I was in a cab the other day and this african american cabbie goes 'bawo ni' to me after asking where i was from. He went on to tell me with great pride how he was an exchange student around the 70's and studied drama in Nigeria for a year under Wole Soyinka. I was proud and at the same time dismayed at the fact that the country is so far removed from those glory days now, and didn't have the heart to tell him his dream of going back to Nigeria some day soon might turn out to be disappointing.

From fashion, to music, to television and film, to writing, there is a wealth of culture bubbling beneath the surface, new and regenarated, waiting to burst through, reborn and this excites me wickedly.

Through collaboration we can make that happen!

Err, afropols unite! please?

Misan said...

Bol_G!! Welcome o! We've been waiting. "Afropols" only u! But yes o, as you said, so much cultural wealth amidst all the "Suffering and smiling" that is untapped. What's your game plan for chanigng that, as I Know you're always thinking of something?

I've been recently re-inspired to not get jaded by our attempts to change the world one day at a time, one small (or large, depending on how you roll) step at a time, so I'd encourage us all to keep thinking about new ways to create that small impact in someone else's life. The solution doesn't always have to revolve around Nigeria or our continent even, it could impact those in your immediate environment, whatever part of the world you find yourself in. I guess what I'm trying to say is, to whom much is given, much is expected, so it really is time for us to GET ON WITH IT!

In the words of our dear bolaji..."afropols unite?" (we could use the tune from bob marley's "AFRICA UNITE!")

Kome said...

In response to Misan's question...I think one of the first things we can do is to get other people involved in 'the big picture'.

Encouraging discourse makes us all aware of what is going get to listen to different perspectives and it enables you to question things....

I think most people don't like to get involved in discussions just because they think it is pointless, but just by reading the variety of responses on this blog, my knowledge has grown exponentially...

We need to understand, that we have absolutely nothing to lose by just teasing our brains as well as all those who have just been reading this blog and are yet to have an input...I'm challenging you!!!

If you have nothing to say then you should probably not be on here in the first place...

am I right or am i....

Misan said...

here heeere...let the brain-teasing continue.
Seriously though, it saddens me that we don't get taught our own history in our schools (i vaguely remember learning about the benin/yoruba/fulani kingdoms in social studies but my school certainly didn't offer HISTORY as a subject). did anyone take history for WAEC, is there even such an exam?

I was thinking the other day, it would be great to set up an institute focused solely on Naija history and educating the youth/public on pre- and post-colonial Nigeria, West Africa, (and maybe all of Africa if we're lucky). It's too costly (and probably not feasible) to have up-to-standard history departments in all our unis across the country but if we set up this institute (kind of like IITA) which encouraged scholarly research and teaching of this history, I think we would have a great thing going. Experts on Nigerian history would be assured a job, undergraduates could have their research funded by the institute; over the summer, children could go and take history lessons, have trips to the museums (at least what's left of them), etc.

anyways, that's just an idea i hope we can one day see through.

Derin said...

Afropolitans unite!!! I’m feelin that...very interesting article and fascinating comments as always.

Just thought i'd drop a line actually a name CHINA.....we need to be prepared because they are coming and they mean serious business..... I saw an article in the observer the other day enititled 'Is China the new colonial power in Africa? '...i think it’s something the Afrobeat should discuss.

As Afropolitans it appears we have another culture to add to that ever growing list. I honestly believe, with the way things are going our kids would be speaking Chinese as either a first or second language.

Anonymous said...

very good article and all that is said is true...but what i really do not agree with is why we have to coin a new term "AFROPOLITANS" to describe how we africans have evolved. Do we really have to do that? why cant we just be "AFRICANS" like we truly are? Afterall we arent the only race that have or are experiencing this sort of evolution. for instance some indians have gone through the exact same thing and even more but you never hear them calling themselves something else. are we going through this change(afropolitans) other africans arent going through bacause we went through some genetic mutation that confered us with certain advantages over others or are we afropolitans because we are more opportuned than others? i personally feel its the latter..the former being my sarcasm..:-). in my own opinion, calling ourselves afropolitans could add to the gap in the society when infact we are meant to be bridging the gap...i beleive we africans especially nigerians often disassociate ourselves from what we really are any opportunity we get...for instace if someone is mixed race with the other half being nigerian, when u ask them where ther are from they would first of all tell you all about the other half that is non nigerian before saying they are nigerian.Even when the person is half nigerian and half ghanian they would love to elaborate on the fact that they arent fully nigerian. it irritates me and no offence to the writer BUT to me..."AFROPOLITANS" would fall under that category.

Sugabelly said...

Yay! So that's what I'm called.

A-F-R-O-P-O-L-I-T-A-N it!!!!

Anonymous said... my thoughts on 'afropolitan'...i disagree with most of what she says.

Anonymous said...

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QuickBooks Payroll Desktop Support Number

rdsraftaar said...
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rdsraftaar said...

Call QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number for technical help from professional Intuit QuickBooks experts. Contact us at Our QuickBooks Customer Support Number +1888-396-0208 for Customer Service. QuickBooks Customer Service gives the Excellent Tech Support. Best QB Experts are here to solve your issues. Call on our Helpline Number.

Ankit Kumar said...

QuickBooks Enterprise Support
QuickBooks Enterprise Phone Number
QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number
QuickBooks Enterprise Tech Support Phone Number
QuickBooks Enterprise Technical Support Phone Number

Robert Elfed said...

QuickBooks Support Number
QuickBooks Tech Support Number
QuickBooks Technical Support Number
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Robert Elfed said...

QuickBooks Support Number
QuickBooks Tech Support Number
QuickBooks Technical Support Number

Ankit Kumar said...

For any kind of queries or any other related issue, we encourage you to call us at QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number +1-888-396-0208. It includes QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service for payrolls and other related issues.

Ankit Kumar said...

QuickBooks POS Support Phone Number ☏ +1-888-396-0208, Call 24x7 Intuit QB USA/Canada TollFree for POS Software For Tech Help.

Robert Elfed said...

Direct Deposit:Pay Employees with QuickBooks Payroll QuickBooks calculates payroll for each employee on the basis of that employee’s pay rate, filing marital status, exemptions, and so on. The Employee list stores general The Employee list stores general

Robert Elfed said...

QuickBooks Support Phone Number

QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number

QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number

QuickBooks 24/7 Support Phone Number

QuickBooks Pro Tech Support Phone Number

QuickBooks Desktop Support Phone Number

Ankit Kumar said...

QuickBooks Support Phone Number
QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number
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rdsraftaar said...

QuickBooks Support Phone Number

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QuickBooks Payroll Tech Support Phone Number

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Ankit Kumar said...

QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number
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QuickBooks Enterprise Tech Support Phone Number
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Mathew said...

While upgrading the old hard drive to the new storage drive in the QuickBooks, you might encounter QuickBooks Error 3371 Status Code 11118 showing an error message “QuickBooks could not load license data.Keeping a tab on the QuickBooks Error 3371 Status Code 11118 is really important for troubleshooting the problem. Call our Toll free Number 1888-396-0208 to fix this problem.

rdsraftaar said...

QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number
QuickBooks Payroll Tech Support Phone Number
QuickBooks Payroll Technical Support Phone Number
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Pankaj Ahuja said...

QuickBooks Enterprise Support
QuickBooks Enterprise Phone Number
QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number
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QuickBooks Enterprise Technical Support Phone Number
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Mathew said...

Are You Looking For Tech Support ? Get QuickBooks Tech Support at our toll free QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number 1888-567-1159. We are providing 24*7 end to end QuickBooks Technical Support in USA. QuickBooks Support Number provides you access to a specialized team of experts. Call us immediately .

Ankit Kumar said...

Facing any QuickBooks issue? QuickBooks Has Stopped Working . An extremely non specific issue with such a large number of unitary or numerous causes. The Error for the most part involves different practically and in fact held reasons with causes. The More the mistake is Technically entangled, the more you require in fact aptitude. Call us now +1-888-396-0208.

Robert Elfed said...

Having troubles with your QuickBooks ?QuickBooks Payroll Support, Intuit day in and day out QuickBooks Support Phone Number ☏ 1888-567-1159.QB Pro, Premier, Enterprise,Payroll, POS, Technical Help Desk Line.
QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number Give us a call immediately !